Month: January 2010

Tribal Engagement Tutorial: Mental Models

By Steven Pressfield | 4 Comments

Having your head in the game requires accepting that your perception of reality might not be correct. Sun Tzu wrote:

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Robert McKee's "StoryLogue": A New Resource for Writers

By Steven Pressfield | 2 Comments

Full disclosure: Bob McKee and I are good friends (and his video interview with me is part of the package I’m about to tell you about.) So be aware please, the following does NOT pretend to be impartial or objective.

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Seth Godin

By Steven Pressfield | 21 Comments

This post will launch a new series we’re calling “The Creative Process.” Don’t worry, Writing Wednesday fans, it will not replace WW. We’re going to run “Creative Process” in a different space on the new site as soon as we get it up. The plan is to ask all kinds of interesting people “how they work.” What is their process? How do they get ideas–and what do they do with them once they’ve got ’em? We’ll be grilling writers and artists, military people, entrepreneurs, maybe even an Afghan tribal chief or two.

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Wrestling an Alligator

By Steven Pressfield | 33 Comments

A friend asked me the other day how I experienced Resistance. What did the phenomenon feel like to me? I told him it was like wrestling an alligator.

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Gifts of Honor: A Tale of Two Captains

By Steven Pressfield | 0 Comments

[Friends, with apologies, a stomach virus has laid the blog low.  Here’s a re-run of a post that has been a reader favorite. We’ll be back on Wednesday!]

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Return to “One Tribe at A Time”

By Steven Pressfield | 1 Comment

It has been a few weeks since we’ve run a post in the “One Tribe At A Time” Series, with Maj. Jim Gant. We want to share an update with you, about a photo gallery in the Washington Post, featuring narration from Maj. Gant.

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What's Next?

By Steven Pressfield | 4 Comments

Have you read about the Slow-Word Movement? I was thinking about it long before I knew there was a name defining it, much less a movement behind it. Formulating ideas, researching, writing, posting to the blog, Twitter and Facebook, and replying to comments left on the blog, Twitter and Facebook, takes time—as does the day-to-day stuff we all face, such as cleaning, maintaining our homes, and nurturing our relationships with our friends, family, and colleagues—oh, and there’s work, too. . . . This all takes time, and in an effort to keep on top of the blogging, posting, and updating,…

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Just Do It

By Steven Pressfield | 11 Comments

   Nike made a slam dunk with its “Just Do It” campaign. Years old, yet it is still encouraging people to get moving. Do something.  

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Shame and Honor, not Hearts and Minds: an interview with William S. “MAC” McCallister, #2

By Steven Pressfield | 7 Comments

Download “COIN and Irregular Warfare in a Tribal Society” to your computer, or view it right now. [COIN and Irregular Warfare in a Tribal Society, by William S. “MAC” McCallister, was first featured on Small Wars Journal in 2007. This paper remains an important read today, as do the many other papers and discussions posted to Small Wars Journal and the Small Wars Journal Blog. If you aren’t familiar with the site, please add it to your “must-read” list. Check out some of Mac’s other papers there, too.]

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