Lighten The Load

[I almost never do this, but this guest post by Markus Almond compelled me to make an exception. Mark’s zine, Brooklyn To Mars (see link below), ain’t bad either. Thanks, Mark. I’ll be back next week  — Shawn.]

Our man in Brooklyn -- Markus Almond.

There was pounding on my door.  I clicked “file save” and got up from my desk to answer it.  “We’ve got an electrical fire downstairs,” my landlord said out of breath and visibly upset.  “Everything’s fine, you don’t need to evacuate but the fire department is here and they need to turn off the electricity.”

“No problem,” I said.

“Also, we just found out we have some serious electrical problems,” she said with even more nervousness.  “Unfortunately, we have to renovate the building and have to ask you to leave next month.”

Never mind tenant rights and the logistics of electrical wiring.  My story here is about minimalism.  When my girlfriend and I moved from Chicago to New York we spent $563.00 on a U-Haul truck and filled it to the top with our junk; furniture, CDs, DVDs, clothes and boxes and boxes of books.  It took us two days to carry everything into our apartment and another week to unpack and organize it.  I wished my landlord luck with the burning electrical fire downstairs walked back to my office.  Since the electricity was shut off a moment later, I found myself walking around my apartment, thinking about the logistics of moving again.  I didn’t want to pack all that stuff into boxes again.  I didn’t want to move it into a new apartment.

Over the course of the next month, I began to get rid of things.  I began making trip after trip to Goodwill.  On any given day, I had between 20 and 50 things listed on eBay and Craigslist.  I started to sell or donate everything I owned.  My girlfriend seemed concerned.  “Are you ok?” she asked.  “Are you sure you want to get rid of all these things?”  I did my best to put her mind at ease and reassured her that I was not suicidal.  In fact, I was headed in the complete opposite direction.

In Turning Pro, Steve writes about the time he moved from New York to northern California and had no TV, no radio, no music, no sex or sports or newspapers to read in the morning.  And he wrote for hours and hours every day.  This story struck a chord with me.  When I was younger and strapped for cash, I lived in a similar environment.  And the truth is I was much happier without having to work 50 hours a week to buy things I didn’t need.  Without a full-time job back then, I was able to get a lot more writing done.  But somewhere along the way, like a lot of people, I fell into the trap of working more hours to buy more junk.

I started to research minimalism; writers who lived in tiny apartments, artists who were completely self-sufficient, and a new term flying around the internet called “location independent”.  There were minimalist writers living out of suitcases and traveling the world.  There were writers publishing their own eBooks and writing full-time because their financial needs were so modest.  I had no desire to live out of a suitcase, but I did continue to purge my belongings.  I embraced an e-reader and digitalized my record collection.  And after I got rid of about 60% of my belongings something extraordinary happened.  There was another fire.

I spotted smoke before my landlord was able to warn me.  And this time, the flames were bigger.  The streets were shut down.  About 30-40 firefighters came and went in our building.  Before I evacuated, my reaction was level-headed and simple.  I grabbed my computer and the external hard drive that contained my music, pictures, important documents and unfinished novel and I walked out the door.  I watched the fire department put out the fire.  I watched neighbors pace the streets worried about their own belongings.  After I knew everyone was safe, the only thought I had was “I wish I would have sold the rest of my stuff sooner so I could have paid down my credit card.”  When the fire was out and it was all over, the building had very little damage and I went back inside to continue listing things on eBay.

Here’s the most important part of the story.  After I got rid of most of my stuff, my outlook changed.  My girlfriend and I moved into a smaller apartment and we were able to save money.  We cancelled our cable and saved money.  My office used to be cluttered with records and piles of books and papers and junk that took up space.  Now the only thing in my office is a chair, a desk, a computer and a printer.  And the most beneficial part of getting rid of my stuff was unexpected; I’m less dependent on a ‘shadow career’.  Since I have almost no desire to buy things, I’ve been able to cut down hours at my day job.  I now write several hours a day, reinvented my blog ( and finished the first draft of my novel.  But what I’ve done is not important.  What’s important is how I was able to free up time and mental energy and how you might be able to do the same.

I’m not claiming that getting rid of your stuff will make you a better or more prolific writer.  But it will help to eliminate debt, distractions and dependence on a job.  I’ve written more in the past 6 months than I have my entire life previously.  Am I claiming that all writers should be minimalists?  No.  Do I care if Hemingway or Shakespeare’s writing space was cluttered with rotting garbage and infested with bugs?  Hell no.  It’s the work that’s important.  What I am claiming is that a simplified lifestyle is something worth looking into.  Becoming a minimalist has helped me and I believe it’s a valid tool for artists.  A pretty smart guy once said “When we turn pro, we give up a life with which we may have become extremely comfortable.”  And a character in a movie once said, “The things you own end up owning you.”

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  1. Basilis on August 17, 2012 at 1:18 am

    Great thoughts and a wise epilogue.

    It’s not only important for a writer to have the things he needs only and not to be distract/prisoned by them, but for every one on this planet.
    If we were only a little more self-sufficient this world would be a lot better.

  2. Grayson Pope on August 17, 2012 at 4:42 am

    Well done, Mr. Mars. I’ve been following your blog recently, and I love the typewritten zine.

    • Markus Almond on August 17, 2012 at 9:44 am

      Thanks so much, Grayson. I really appreciate that.

  3. M Kitchen on August 17, 2012 at 5:52 am

    A lot of wisdom in this guest post. With the caveat that this thinking process never introduce children into the equation. That is always a game changer.

    • Markus Almond on August 17, 2012 at 9:54 am

      Thanks M. There’s a book called “Simplify” by Josh Becker. Josh goes into great detail about how he and his family (wife and two kids) decluttered their home and took on a more minimalist lifestyle.

    • Joel D Canfield on August 17, 2012 at 1:31 pm

      Not necessarily true. Our little one was 6 when we started traveling full time. She’s 8 now and we live a minimalist lifestyle in a tiny cottage in northern Wisconsin.

      And I’m writing more and more and more, and Best Beloved is looking around our tiny little place saying “We sure have a lotta stuff. Why do we have all this stuff? Let’s get rid of some of this stuff!”

  4. Steve Lovelace on August 17, 2012 at 12:07 pm

    A few years ago, my family had the opportunity to relocate to the South Pacific, we couldn’t take much stuff with us, so we dragged 95% of the stuff we owned out onto the lawn and had an auctioneer sell it off in one day. That day taught me an important lesson: there is no comfort in material things.

  5. Stephanie Levendoski on August 17, 2012 at 8:29 pm

    I moved across the country and had to put everything I own in a storage unit. As I am looking for a place to live I realized everything I own in the world fits into less than a 10′ x 10′ unit. Then I got a job that lasted only a few days because it was too physically demanding. I had to pick product from shelves in a warehouse for Amazon. Miles and miles of stuff. This article is amazing.

  6. Johnathan Montelongo on August 18, 2012 at 3:06 am

    Marcus et al

    Fantastic post, thoroughly enjoyed. I hope you don’t mind, but a quartet of us have started a site ( along similar lines and have added a link to this article and your site with the blog. Our post “Cull the Collections” is an echo of your words.


    • Markus Almond on September 4, 2012 at 3:49 pm

      That’s great! I’m reading it now:) Thanks Johnathan!

  7. Chris Duel on August 18, 2012 at 5:23 am

    Excellent blog. I’m headed to your site now.

    You have another new reader.

    • Markus Almond on September 4, 2012 at 3:51 pm

      Thanks so much, Chris. Great to meet you.

  8. Sonja on August 19, 2012 at 6:24 am

    Oh, I loved this!

    We too are trying to “buy less, live on less.” We had a recent yard sale, and it pained me to realize how much money I spent on “stuff” that now I couldn’t wait to get rid of fast enough.

    The stuff was suffocating me. As a newly proclaimed minimalist, I feel more mentally-free and that’s a good thing for my writing.

    Bravo Markus!

  9. Helen on August 26, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    Many thanks for confirming the virtue in deaccessioning. I am trying so hard to permit self to let it go, since memories are attached to the items, full-well knowing ‘we can’t take it with us.’ Great article!

  10. Mark on August 27, 2012 at 7:49 pm

    As I stand in my basement, surrounded by a lifetime of “stuff” collected, with barely enough room to turn around, I realize it is time to reduce, reuse, and recycle! The hard part is what to do with the mantle clock that sat on my grandfather’s book shelf over the old tube radio we listened to the Grand Old Opera? And what do I do with the marvelous crystal paperweight collection of my mother’s? Paper stuff I can scan into a .pdf file. but it is the collection of items that trigger memories of the love and affection I felt from my family, long gone and near forgotten. Maybe a museum would like the paperweights. The clock to my son. All of course one day is destined for the landfill.

  11. Pilar Arsenec on August 28, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    Wow, that’s very impressive. I really need to get rid of stuff… it’s a big headache.

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0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^203:17 13.7C 12.4C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^203:22 13.6C 12.7C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^203:27 13.7C 12.8C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^203:32 13.8C 12.9C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^203:37 13.7C 12.8C 1010.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^203:42 13.4C 12.5C 1010.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^203:47 13.3C 12.4C 1010.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^203:52 13.4C 12.6C 1010.4hPaENE 1.6km/h 0.0km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^203:57 13.4C 12.6C 1010.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^204:02 13.4C 12.6C 1010.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^204:07 13.6C 12.8C 1010.4hPaENE 1.6km/h 1.6km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^204:12 13.6C 13.0C 1010.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^204:17 13.4C 12.6C 1010.7hPaCalm 3.2km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^204:22 13.5C 12.9C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^204:27 13.2C 12.4C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^204:32 13.0C 12.2C 1010.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^204:37 13.1C 12.5C 1010.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^204:42 13.3C 12.7C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^204:47 13.3C 12.7C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^204:52 13.4C 12.8C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^204:57 12.9C 12.1C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^205:02 12.7C 12.1C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^205:07 12.8C 12.2C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^205:12 13.0C 12.4C 1010.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^205:17 12.9C 12.3C 1010.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^205:22 13.0C 12.4C 1010.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^205:27 12.8C 12.2C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^205:32 12.8C 12.2C 1010.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^205:37 12.7C 12.1C 1010.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^205:42 12.6C 12.0C 1010.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^205:47 12.5C 11.9C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^205:52 12.2C 11.6C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^205:57 12.0C 11.4C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^206:02 12.4C 11.9C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^206:07 12.1C 11.6C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^206:12 12.5C 12.0C 1010.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^206:17 12.7C 12.2C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^206:22 12.7C 12.2C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^206:27 12.1C 11.6C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total0.0 watts/m^206:32 12.2C 11.7C 1011.1hPaENE 3.2km/h 3.2km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total5.0 watts/m^206:37 12.6C 12.1C 1011.1hPaENE 1.6km/h 3.2km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total5.0 watts/m^206:42 12.5C 12.0C 1011.1hPaCalm 3.2km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total7.0 watts/m^206:47 12.2C 11.7C 1011.1hPaCalm 3.2km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11.0 watts/m^206:52 12.0C 11.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 3.2km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12.0 watts/m^206:57 12.1C 11.6C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14.0 watts/m^207:02 12.5C 12.0C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total16.0 watts/m^207:07 12.3C 11.8C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total18.0 watts/m^207:12 12.5C 12.0C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total19.0 watts/m^207:17 12.7C 12.2C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total23.0 watts/m^207:22 13.0C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total33.0 watts/m^207:27 13.1C 12.6C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total26.0 watts/m^207:32 13.3C 12.8C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total56.0 watts/m^207:37 13.8C 13.3C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total65.0 watts/m^207:42 14.3C 13.8C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total74.0 watts/m^207:47 14.5C 14.0C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total84.0 watts/m^207:52 14.9C 14.4C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total97.0 watts/m^207:57 15.4C 14.8C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total107.0 watts/m^208:02 15.6C 14.6C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total121.0 watts/m^208:07 15.9C 14.6C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total134.0 watts/m^208:12 16.1C 14.6C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total148.0 watts/m^208:17 16.4C 14.8C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total165.0 watts/m^208:22 16.5C 14.9C 1011.1hPaCalm 3.2km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total193.0 watts/m^208:27 16.7C 14.7C 1011.1hPaEast 3.2km/h 3.2km/h88% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total200.0 watts/m^208:32 16.7C 14.7C 1011.1hPaEast 1.6km/h 4.8km/h88% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total207.0 watts/m^208:37 17.0C 14.6C 1011.1hPaEast 1.6km/h 4.8km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total218.0 watts/m^208:42 17.1C 14.7C 1011.1hPaCalm 8.0km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total236.0 watts/m^208:47 17.3C 14.9C 1011.1hPaCalm 11.3km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total255.0 watts/m^208:52 17.5C 14.8C 1011.1hPaCalm 11.3km/h84% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total265.0 watts/m^208:57 17.8C 14.9C 1011.1hPaCalm 8.0km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total279.0 watts/m^209:02 17.8C 14.9C 1011.1hPaWNW 1.6km/h 8.0km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total302.0 watts/m^209:07 18.1C 14.6C 1011.1hPaCalm 8.0km/h80% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total246.0 watts/m^209:12 18.3C 14.6C 1011.1hPaEast 3.2km/h 4.8km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total329.0 watts/m^209:17 18.5C 14.8C 1011.1hPaNE 4.8km/h 6.4km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total339.0 watts/m^209:22 18.6C 14.5C 1011.1hPaESE 1.6km/h 8.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total353.0 watts/m^209:27 18.7C 14.6C 1011.1hPaESE 1.6km/h 9.7km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total362.0 watts/m^209:32 18.7C 14.8C 1011.1hPaENE 3.2km/h 9.7km/h78% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total373.0 watts/m^209:37 18.8C 14.5C 1011.1hPaESE 3.2km/h 9.7km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total387.0 watts/m^209:42 19.1C 14.8C 1011.1hPaEast 1.6km/h 8.0km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total397.0 watts/m^209:47 19.3C 14.8C 1011.1hPaCalm 8.0km/h75% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total410.0 watts/m^209:52 19.4C 14.9C 1010.7hPaCalm 6.4km/h75% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total424.0 watts/m^209:57 19.7C 14.9C 1010.7hPaCalm 6.4km/h74% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total432.0 watts/m^210:02 19.5C 14.5C 1010.7hPaCalm 6.4km/h73% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total445.0 watts/m^210:07 19.6C 14.6C 1010.7hPaCalm 6.4km/h73% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total457.0 watts/m^210:12 19.9C 14.9C 1010.7hPaNorth 4.8km/h 8.0km/h73% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total483.0 watts/m^210:17 19.8C 14.4C 1010.7hPaCalm 9.7km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total482.0 watts/m^210:22 20.3C 14.9C 1010.7hPaSSW 4.8km/h 9.7km/h71% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total494.0 watts/m^210:27 20.3C 14.4C 1010.7hPaWSW 3.2km/h 9.7km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total503.0 watts/m^210:32 20.3C 14.6C 1010.7hPaNNW 3.2km/h 9.7km/h70% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total512.0 watts/m^210:37 20.8C 14.9C 1010.7hPaWSW 4.8km/h 9.7km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total524.0 watts/m^210:42 20.9C 14.8C 1010.7hPaCalm 8.0km/h68% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total531.0 watts/m^210:47 20.9C 15.0C 1010.7hPaNE 3.2km/h 8.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total545.0 watts/m^210:52 20.7C 14.1C 1010.7hPaNW 1.6km/h 8.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total552.0 watts/m^210:57 20.9C 14.5C 1010.7hPaEast 1.6km/h 8.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total564.0 watts/m^211:02 21.4C 15.0C 1010.7hPaSE 4.8km/h 8.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total573.0 watts/m^211:07 21.6C 15.0C 1010.7hPaWest 8.0km/h 8.0km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total582.0 watts/m^211:12 21.3C 14.7C 1010.7hPaCalm 11.3km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total587.0 watts/m^211:17 21.0C 14.6C 1010.7hPaCalm 12.9km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total598.0 watts/m^211:22 21.5C 15.1C 1010.7hPaSSW 3.2km/h 12.9km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total608.0 watts/m^211:27 22.3C 15.4C 1010.7hPaWest 1.6km/h 11.3km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total617.0 watts/m^211:32 22.2C 15.1C 1010.7hPaWest 12.9km/h 12.9km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total622.0 watts/m^211:37 21.8C 14.9C 1010.4hPaWSW 3.2km/h 12.9km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total629.0 watts/m^211:42 21.6C 15.2C 1010.4hPaWSW 3.2km/h 12.9km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total638.0 watts/m^211:47 21.8C 15.4C 1010.4hPaWSW 1.6km/h 12.9km/h67% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total645.0 watts/m^211:52 21.9C 15.0C 1010.4hPaWNW 8.0km/h 12.9km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total652.0 watts/m^211:57 22.0C 15.1C 1010.4hPaNW 1.6km/h 16.1km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total661.0 watts/m^212:02 22.5C 15.8C 1010.4hPaNE 4.8km/h 16.1km/h66% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total663.0 watts/m^212:07 22.4C 15.3C 1010.4hPaCalm 16.1km/h64% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total670.0 watts/m^212:12 22.7C 15.3C 1010.4hPaWNW 3.2km/h 9.7km/h63% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total677.0 watts/m^212:17 22.9C 15.0C 1010.4hPaCalm 11.3km/h61% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total680.0 watts/m^212:22 23.0C 14.8C 1010.4hPaWest 6.4km/h 11.3km/h60% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total686.0 watts/m^212:27 22.8C 14.9C 1010.0hPaSSW 4.8km/h 17.7km/h61% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total689.0 watts/m^212:32 23.1C 14.9C 1010.0hPaWest 9.7km/h 17.7km/h60% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total696.0 watts/m^212:37 23.1C 15.2C 1010.0hPaWest 8.0km/h 17.7km/h61% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total698.0 watts/m^212:42 23.3C 15.1C 1010.0hPaNW 3.2km/h 14.5km/h60% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total701.0 watts/m^212:47 23.4C 15.7C 1010.0hPaSSW 1.6km/h 14.5km/h62% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total705.0 watts/m^212:52 23.4C 15.2C 1010.0hPaWNW 4.8km/h 14.5km/h60% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total707.0 watts/m^212:57 23.1C 15.4C 1010.0hPaWest 4.8km/h 14.5km/h62% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total708.0 watts/m^213:02 23.4C 14.9C 1010.0hPaWSW 8.0km/h 14.5km/h59% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total710.0 watts/m^213:07 23.4C 15.2C 1010.0hPaNNW 4.8km/h 12.9km/h60% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total714.0 watts/m^213:12 24.0C 14.7C 1010.0hPaENE 1.6km/h 12.9km/h56% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total714.0 watts/m^213:17 24.1C 14.5C 1009.7hPaCalm 12.9km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total719.0 watts/m^213:22 24.0C 15.0C 1009.7hPaWest 3.2km/h 12.9km/h57% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total719.0 watts/m^213:27 24.0C 15.5C 1009.7hPaWest 11.3km/h 12.9km/h59% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total724.0 watts/m^213:32 23.9C 14.3C 1009.7hPaWest 4.8km/h 16.1km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total722.0 watts/m^213:37 24.2C 14.9C 1009.7hPaWest 4.8km/h 16.1km/h56% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total719.0 watts/m^213:42 24.3C 15.0C 1009.7hPaWNW 1.6km/h 16.1km/h56% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total719.0 watts/m^213:47 24.2C 14.3C 1009.7hPaCalm 14.5km/h54% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total721.0 watts/m^213:52 24.5C 13.4C 1009.7hPaWSW 12.9km/h 12.9km/h50% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total719.0 watts/m^213:57 24.6C 14.1C 1009.7hPaWSW 3.2km/h 12.9km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total717.0 watts/m^214:02 25.1C 13.9C 1009.4hPaSouth 1.6km/h 14.5km/h50% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total712.0 watts/m^214:07 25.2C 15.2C 1009.4hPaESE 1.6km/h 14.5km/h54% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total712.0 watts/m^214:12 24.8C 14.6C 1009.4hPaEast 3.2km/h 9.7km/h53% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total712.0 watts/m^214:17 24.9C 14.1C 1009.4hPaCalm 8.0km/h51% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total708.0 watts/m^214:22 25.2C 14.6C 1009.4hPaWest 11.3km/h 11.3km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total705.0 watts/m^214:27 25.7C 14.2C 1009.4hPaEast 3.2km/h 11.3km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total700.0 watts/m^214:32 25.5C 14.3C 1009.4hPaWest 9.7km/h 11.3km/h50% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total696.0 watts/m^214:37 25.7C 13.9C 1009.4hPaWNW 1.6km/h 11.3km/h48% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total693.0 watts/m^2TimeTemp.Dew PointPressureWindWind SpeedWind GustHumidityRainfall Rate (Hourly)00:05 19.8C 3.9C 1009.0hPaCalm 1.6km/h35% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:20 19.7C 3.9C 1008.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:35 19.9C 3.9C 1008.7hPaCalm 3.2km/h35% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:50 19.4C 3.9C 1008.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:05 19.0C 4.4C 1008.7hPaSE 1.6km/h 1.6km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:20 18.9C 4.4C 1008.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:35 18.8C 3.9C 1008.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:50 18.4C 3.9C 1008.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:05 18.1C 4.4C 1008.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:20 17.6C 4.4C 1008.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:35 17.2C 5.0C 1008.7hPaSSE 1.6km/h 1.6km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:50 16.9C 5.0C 1008.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:05 17.0C 5.0C 1008.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:20 16.8C 5.0C 1008.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h46% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:36 16.1C 5.6C 1008.7hPaSSE 3.2km/h 3.2km/h50% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:51 15.0C 6.1C 1008.7hPaSE 1.6km/h 3.2km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:06 15.9C 5.0C 1008.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:21 16.2C 5.6C 1008.4hPaNorth 1.6km/h 1.6km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:36 16.9C 5.0C 1008.7hPaNNW 1.6km/h 4.8km/h46% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:51 15.8C 5.0C 1008.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:06 15.2C 5.0C 1008.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:21 15.1C 5.6C 1008.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h53% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:36 14.9C 5.6C 1008.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h54% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:51 14.7C 5.6C 1008.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:06 14.4C 5.6C 1008.4hPaCalm 4.8km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:21 14.8C 5.6C 1008.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h55% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:36 15.5C 5.6C 1008.4hPaNNE 4.8km/h 6.4km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:51 15.2C 6.1C 1008.4hPaNNE 1.6km/h 4.8km/h54% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:06 15.4C 6.1C 1008.4hPaNorth 1.6km/h 4.8km/h54% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:21 16.8C 6.7C 1008.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h51% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:36 17.5C 6.1C 1008.4hPaCalm 6.4km/h48% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:51 17.6C 6.1C 1008.4hPaNW 3.2km/h 6.4km/h48% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:06 18.1C 7.2C 1008.4hPaSE 1.6km/h 6.4km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:21 19.1C 6.7C 1008.4hPaSE 1.6km/h 4.8km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:36 19.3C 7.2C 1008.0hPaNNW 3.2km/h 3.2km/h45% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:51 20.1C 7.2C 1008.0hPaSSW 1.6km/h 8.0km/h44% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:06 20.6C 7.2C 1008.0hPaNNE 3.2km/h 6.4km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:21 20.9C 7.2C 1008.0hPaCalm 4.8km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:36 21.4C 7.8C 1008.0hPaCalm 6.4km/h41% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:51 21.9C 7.2C 1007.7hPaNNW 3.2km/h 6.4km/h39% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:06 22.8C 7.2C 1007.7hPaNNW 1.6km/h 6.4km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:21 23.4C 7.8C 1007.7hPaWNW 1.6km/h 4.8km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:36 23.5C 7.8C 1007.7hPaSouth 3.2km/h 4.8km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:51 24.0C 7.8C 1007.7hPaWest 1.6km/h 6.4km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:06 25.2C 7.8C 1007.3hPaNNW 4.8km/h 8.0km/h33% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:22 25.6C 8.3C 1007.0hPaCalm 8.0km/h33% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:37 25.9C 7.8C 1006.7hPaNE 8.0km/h 11.3km/h32% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:52 26.2C 8.3C 1006.3hPaNE 3.2km/h 14.5km/h32% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:07 27.3C 8.9C 1006.3hPaNW 4.8km/h 11.3km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:22 27.8C 8.3C 1006.3hPaENE 3.2km/h 12.9km/h29% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:37 28.4C 9.4C 1006.3hPaNorth 3.2km/h 9.7km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:52 29.1C 9.4C 1006.3hPaNNE 4.8km/h 11.3km/h29% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:07 29.3C 9.4C 1006.3hPaNNE 3.2km/h 11.3km/h29% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:22 29.3C 8.9C 1006.3hPaSouth 1.6km/h 9.7km/h28% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:37 29.6C 9.4C 1006.3hPaNorth 1.6km/h 8.0km/h28% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:52 29.8C 8.9C 1006.0hPaNW 1.6km/h 8.0km/h27% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:07 29.9C 8.9C 1006.0hPaNW 3.2km/h 9.7km/h27% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:22 30.2C 9.4C 1005.6hPaNW 3.2km/h 6.4km/h27% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:37 30.7C 9.4C 1005.6hPaSW 1.6km/h 4.8km/h27% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:52 29.9C 8.3C 1005.6hPaNNW 3.2km/h 6.4km/h26% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalTimeTemp.Dew PointPressureWindWind SpeedWind GustHumidityRainfall Rate (Hourly)00:02 15.0C 13.2C 1010.4hPaWest 1.6km/h 1.6km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:07 15.1C 13.5C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:12 15.2C 13.4C 1010.4hPaWNW 1.6km/h 3.2km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:17 15.1C 13.3C 1010.4hPaWSW 1.6km/h 3.2km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:22 15.1C 13.5C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:27 15.0C 13.4C 1010.7hPaWest 1.6km/h 1.6km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:32 14.9C 13.3C 1010.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:37 14.9C 13.3C 1010.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:42 15.0C 13.4C 1010.7hPaCalm 3.2km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:48 14.9C 13.3C 1010.7hPaCalm 3.2km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:53 14.8C 13.2C 1010.7hPaCalm 3.2km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:58 14.7C 13.1C 1010.7hPaWNW 1.6km/h 1.6km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:03 14.7C 13.1C 1010.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:08 14.6C 13.0C 1010.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:13 14.5C 13.0C 1010.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:18 14.5C 13.0C 1010.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:23 14.4C 12.9C 1010.4hPaWest 1.6km/h 1.6km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:28 14.4C 12.9C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:33 14.4C 12.9C 1010.4hPaWest 1.6km/h 3.2km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:38 14.4C 12.9C 1010.4hPaWNW 1.6km/h 3.2km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:43 14.4C 12.9C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:48 14.2C 12.9C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:53 14.2C 12.9C 1010.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:58 14.0C 12.7C 1010.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:03 13.9C 12.8C 1010.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:08 13.8C 12.7C 1010.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:13 13.9C 12.9C 1010.7hPaWest 1.6km/h 1.6km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:18 13.9C 12.8C 1010.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:23 13.9C 12.8C 1010.4hPaWNW 1.6km/h 1.6km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:28 13.9C 12.8C 1010.7hPaWNW 3.2km/h 3.2km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:33 13.9C 12.9C 1010.7hPaWNW 1.6km/h 3.2km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:38 14.0C 13.0C 1010.7hPaWNW 1.6km/h 3.2km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:43 14.1C 13.0C 1010.7hPaCalm 3.2km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:48 14.0C 13.0C 1010.7hPaCalm 3.2km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:53 14.0C 13.0C 1010.7hPaWNW 3.2km/h 4.8km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:59 14.0C 12.9C 1010.7hPaWNW 3.2km/h 6.4km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:04 13.9C 12.8C 1010.7hPaCalm 6.4km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:09 13.8C 12.7C 1010.7hPaCalm 6.4km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:14 13.7C 12.8C 1010.7hPaCalm 4.8km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:19 13.7C 12.8C 1010.7hPaCalm 3.2km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:24 13.6C 12.7C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:29 13.4C 12.5C 1010.7hPaCalm 0.0km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:34 13.4C 12.6C 1010.7hPaWNW 1.6km/h 1.6km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:39 13.4C 12.6C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:44 13.3C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 3.2km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:49 13.3C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 3.2km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:54 13.3C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:59 13.3C 12.5C 1011.1hPaWNW 1.6km/h 0.0km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:04 13.3C 12.7C 1011.1hPaWNW 1.6km/h 1.6km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:09 13.4C 12.6C 1011.1hPaCalm 4.8km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:14 13.4C 12.8C 1011.1hPaCalm 4.8km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:19 13.5C 12.9C 1011.1hPaCalm 4.8km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:24 13.4C 12.6C 1011.1hPaCalm 3.2km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:29 13.3C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:34 13.2C 12.4C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:39 13.0C 12.2C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:44 13.1C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:49 13.1C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:54 13.1C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total04:59 13.1C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:04 13.1C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:10 13.1C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:15 13.0C 12.4C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:20 12.9C 12.3C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:25 13.0C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:30 13.0C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:35 13.0C 12.4C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:40 13.0C 12.5C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:45 12.9C 12.3C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:50 12.9C 12.4C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total05:55 12.9C 12.4C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:00 12.9C 12.4C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:05 12.8C 12.3C 1011.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:10 12.9C 12.4C 1011.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:15 12.8C 12.3C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:20 12.8C 12.3C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:25 12.8C 12.3C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:30 12.9C 12.4C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:35 12.8C 12.3C 1011.1hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:40 12.9C 12.4C 1011.1hPaCalm 0.0km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:45 13.1C 12.6C 1011.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:50 13.3C 12.8C 1011.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h97% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total06:55 13.6C 13.0C 1011.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h96% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:00 13.7C 12.9C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:05 13.9C 13.1C 1011.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h95% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:10 14.1C 13.1C 1011.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h94% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:15 14.3C 13.2C 1011.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:20 14.5C 13.4C 1011.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:25 14.7C 13.4C 1011.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:30 14.7C 13.2C 1011.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:36 14.6C 13.3C 1011.7hPaWest 1.6km/h 1.6km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:41 14.8C 13.7C 1011.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h93% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:46 15.1C 13.8C 1011.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:51 15.2C 13.9C 1011.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total07:56 15.4C 13.9C 1011.7hPaCalm 1.6km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:01 15.6C 14.1C 1011.7hPaCalm 3.2km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:06 15.7C 14.2C 1011.7hPaCalm 3.2km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:11 15.8C 14.0C 1011.7hPaSE 3.2km/h 3.2km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:16 15.6C 14.1C 1011.7hPaEast 3.2km/h 4.8km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:21 15.5C 13.9C 1011.7hPaEast 3.2km/h 4.8km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:26 15.5C 14.0C 1011.7hPaEast 1.6km/h 4.8km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:31 15.5C 14.2C 1011.7hPaEast 3.2km/h 4.8km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:36 15.6C 14.1C 1011.7hPaESE 1.6km/h 4.8km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:41 15.6C 14.1C 1011.7hPaEast 3.2km/h 4.8km/h91% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:46 15.7C 14.1C 1011.7hPaENE 6.4km/h 6.4km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:51 15.8C 14.0C 1011.7hPaNE 4.8km/h 6.4km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total08:56 15.9C 14.3C 1011.7hPaNE 6.4km/h 6.4km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:01 15.8C 14.2C 1011.7hPaNNE 6.4km/h 8.0km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:06 15.7C 14.4C 1011.7hPaENE 6.4km/h 8.0km/h92% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:11 16.1C 14.5C 1011.7hPaENE 4.8km/h 8.0km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:16 16.3C 14.7C 1011.7hPaEast 3.2km/h 8.0km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:21 16.3C 14.7C 1011.7hPaNE 4.8km/h 6.4km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:26 16.4C 14.8C 1011.7hPaENE 4.8km/h 6.4km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:31 16.8C 15.0C 1011.7hPaEast 4.8km/h 8.0km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:36 17.0C 15.0C 1011.7hPaEast 3.2km/h 9.7km/h88% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:41 16.9C 15.1C 1011.4hPaEast 11.3km/h 11.3km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:46 16.6C 15.0C 1011.4hPaEast 6.4km/h 12.9km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:52 16.3C 14.7C 1011.7hPaEast 9.7km/h 12.9km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total09:57 16.7C 15.1C 1011.7hPaEast 1.6km/h 12.9km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:02 16.8C 15.1C 1011.4hPaNE 3.2km/h 12.9km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:07 17.1C 15.3C 1011.4hPaEast 6.4km/h 9.7km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:12 17.4C 15.4C 1011.4hPaNE 6.4km/h 9.7km/h88% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:17 17.6C 15.2C 1011.4hPaENE 4.8km/h 9.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:22 17.5C 15.3C 1011.4hPaESE 3.2km/h 9.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:27 17.1C 15.3C 1011.4hPaEast 9.7km/h 9.7km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:32 16.9C 15.2C 1011.1hPaEast 6.4km/h 11.3km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:37 17.3C 15.5C 1011.4hPaEast 8.0km/h 11.3km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:42 17.0C 15.3C 1011.4hPaENE 8.0km/h 11.3km/h90% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:47 17.1C 15.3C 1011.4hPaENE 9.7km/h 12.9km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:52 17.2C 15.4C 1011.4hPaEast 3.2km/h 12.9km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total10:57 17.3C 15.3C 1011.4hPaEast 3.2km/h 12.9km/h88% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:02 17.7C 15.7C 1011.1hPaENE 4.8km/h 9.7km/h88% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:07 18.0C 15.6C 1011.1hPaEast 4.8km/h 9.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:12 17.9C 15.7C 1011.1hPaEast 8.0km/h 9.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:17 17.4C 15.2C 1011.1hPaEast 4.8km/h 9.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:22 17.7C 15.7C 1011.1hPaENE 3.2km/h 8.0km/h88% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:27 17.9C 15.5C 1011.1hPaEast 6.4km/h 8.0km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:32 18.0C 15.8C 1011.1hPaCalm 8.0km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:37 18.1C 15.7C 1011.1hPaEast 6.4km/h 8.0km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:42 18.1C 15.9C 1011.1hPaEast 6.4km/h 9.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:47 17.4C 15.2C 1011.1hPaEast 4.8km/h 9.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:52 17.0C 15.2C 1011.1hPaEast 6.4km/h 9.7km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total11:57 17.5C 15.7C 1010.7hPaNE 3.2km/h 9.7km/h89% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:02 18.1C 15.7C 1010.7hPaEast 8.0km/h 9.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:07 18.0C 15.8C 1010.7hPaENE 8.0km/h 9.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:12 18.1C 15.9C 1010.7hPaNE 4.8km/h 9.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:17 18.6C 16.0C 1010.7hPaENE 6.4km/h 9.7km/h85% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:22 18.7C 16.1C 1010.7hPaENE 6.4km/h 9.7km/h85% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:27 18.9C 16.1C 1010.4hPaEast 6.4km/h 9.7km/h84% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:32 18.8C 16.0C 1010.4hPaNNW 4.8km/h 8.0km/h84% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:37 18.7C 15.8C 1010.4hPaEast 6.4km/h 9.7km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:42 18.8C 15.7C 1010.4hPaENE 4.8km/h 9.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:47 19.0C 16.0C 1010.4hPaEast 4.8km/h 9.7km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:52 19.1C 15.8C 1010.4hPaNNE 8.0km/h 9.7km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total12:57 19.5C 16.2C 1010.4hPaEast 6.4km/h 9.7km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:02 19.5C 16.0C 1010.4hPaNNE 6.4km/h 9.7km/h80% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:07 19.3C 16.1C 1010.4hPaNE 4.8km/h 11.3km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:12 18.8C 15.9C 1010.0hPaSSE 3.2km/h 11.3km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:17 18.8C 15.7C 1010.0hPaNE 3.2km/h 9.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:22 19.2C 16.1C 1010.0hPaNE 3.2km/h 9.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:27 19.2C 16.1C 1010.0hPaENE 6.4km/h 8.0km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:32 19.3C 16.0C 1010.0hPaEast 6.4km/h 8.0km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:37 19.3C 16.1C 1010.0hPaEast 4.8km/h 11.3km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:42 19.6C 16.2C 1010.0hPaENE 6.4km/h 11.3km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:47 19.7C 16.0C 1010.0hPaENE 8.0km/h 11.3km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:52 19.5C 16.2C 1010.0hPaENE 4.8km/h 11.3km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total13:57 19.6C 16.1C 1010.0hPaNorth 1.6km/h 11.3km/h80% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:02 19.4C 16.1C 1009.7hPaNNE 4.8km/h 11.3km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:07 19.6C 16.1C 1009.7hPaNNE 1.6km/h 8.0km/h80% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:13 19.8C 16.1C 1009.7hPaNNE 4.8km/h 6.4km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:18 20.0C 16.0C 1009.7hPaCalm 8.0km/h78% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:23 20.2C 15.8C 1009.7hPaEast 11.3km/h 11.3km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:28 20.4C 16.0C 1009.7hPaCalm 11.3km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:33 20.7C 16.1C 1009.7hPaNE 4.8km/h 11.3km/h75% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:38 21.1C 16.3C 1009.4hPaNNE 4.8km/h 11.3km/h74% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:43 20.8C 15.8C 1009.7hPaNNE 6.4km/h 9.7km/h73% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:48 20.8C 16.0C 1009.4hPaNE 3.2km/h 8.0km/h74% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:53 20.8C 15.8C 1009.4hPaNNE 4.8km/h 8.0km/h73% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total14:58 20.8C 15.8C 1009.4hPaNE 1.6km/h 8.0km/h73% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalTimeTemp.Dew PointPressureWindWind SpeedWind GustHumidityRainfall Rate (Hourly)00:00 14.6C 8.6C 1013.8hPaCalm 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ – total00:05 14.5C 8.4C 1013.8hPaCalm 0.0km/h67% 0.0mm/ – total00:10 14.5C 8.7C 1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 9.3km/h68% 0.0mm/ – total00:15 14.4C 8.6C 1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 10.1km/h68% 0.0mm/ – total00:20 14.4C 8.6C 1013.8hPaNNE 9.3km/h 10.1km/h68% 0.0mm/ – total00:25 14.4C 8.6C 1013.8hPaCalm 9.3km/h68% 0.0mm/ – total00:30 14.4C 8.8C 1013.8hPaCalm 9.3km/h69% 0.0mm/ – total00:35 14.3C 8.5C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 10.1km/h68% 0.0mm/ – total00:40 14.3C 8.7C 1013.8hPaNNE 10.1km/h 11.6km/h69% 0.0mm/ – total00:45 14.4C 8.8C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.8km/h 13.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ – total00:50 14.4C 8.8C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 13.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ – total00:55 14.3C 8.7C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 13.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ – total01:05 14.1C 8.5C 1013.8hPaNorth 5.8km/h 12.2km/h69% 0.0mm/ – total01:10 14.0C 8.4C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 12.2km/h69% 0.0mm/ – total01:15 14.0C 8.6C 1013.8hPaNorth 12.2km/h 13.4km/h70% 0.0mm/ – total01:20 14.0C 8.6C 1013.8hPaNorth 5.8km/h 7.9km/h70% 0.0mm/ – total01:25 14.0C 8.6C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.8km/h 12.2km/h70% 0.0mm/ – total01:30 14.0C 8.6C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 12.2km/h70% 0.0mm/ – total01:35 13.9C 8.5C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 12.2km/h70% 0.0mm/ – total01:40 13.9C 8.5C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 9.3km/h70% 0.0mm/ – total01:45 13.9C 8.5C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 10.1km/h70% 0.0mm/ – total01:50 13.9C 8.5C 1013.8hPaNNE 8.7km/h 10.1km/h70% 0.0mm/ – total01:55 13.9C 8.5C 1013.8hPaNNE 8.7km/h 10.8km/h70% 0.0mm/ – total02:00 13.9C 8.5C 1013.8hPaNNE 9.3km/h 11.6km/h70% 0.0mm/ – total02:05 14.0C 8.4C 1013.8hPaNNE 9.3km/h 13.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ – total02:10 14.0C 8.4C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 13.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ – total02:15 14.0C 8.4C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 13.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ – total02:20 13.9C 8.3C 1013.8hPaNorth 6.4km/h 7.9km/h69% 0.0mm/ – total02:25 13.8C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 12.2km/h69% 0.0mm/ – total02:30 13.7C 8.3C 1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 12.2km/h70% 0.0mm/ – total02:35 13.5C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 13.4km/h70% 0.0mm/ – total02:40 13.4C 8.1C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 13.4km/h70% 0.0mm/ – total02:45 13.3C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 10.8km/h71% 0.0mm/ – total02:50 13.3C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNorth 6.4km/h 10.8km/h71% 0.0mm/ – total02:55 13.2C 8.3C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 12.2km/h72% 0.0mm/ – total03:00 13.2C 8.3C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 12.2km/h72% 0.0mm/ – total03:05 13.1C 8.4C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 11.6km/h73% 0.0mm/ – total03:10 13.1C 8.4C 1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 11.6km/h73% 0.0mm/ – total03:15 13.1C 8.4C 1013.8hPaCalm 11.6km/h73% 0.0mm/ – total03:20 13.0C 8.3C 1013.8hPaCalm 0.0km/h73% 0.0mm/ – total03:25 13.0C 8.3C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 10.1km/h73% 0.0mm/ – total03:30 12.9C 8.4C 1013.8hPaNNW 10.1km/h 12.2km/h74% 0.0mm/ – total03:35 12.9C 8.4C 1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 12.2km/h74% 0.0mm/ – total03:40 12.8C 8.3C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 9.3km/h74% 0.0mm/ – total03:45 12.8C 8.3C 1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 12.2km/h74% 0.0mm/ – total03:50 12.8C 8.3C 1013.8hPaNorth 5.8km/h 12.2km/h74% 0.0mm/ – total03:55 12.7C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 12.2km/h74% 0.0mm/ – total04:00 12.7C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 8.7km/h74% 0.0mm/ – total04:05 12.7C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNNE 5.8km/h 10.1km/h74% 0.0mm/ – total04:10 12.6C 7.9C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 10.1km/h73% 0.0mm/ – total04:15 12.7C 8.0C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 10.1km/h73% 0.0mm/ – total04:20 12.7C 8.0C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 10.1km/h73% 0.0mm/ – total04:25 12.5C 7.8C 1013.8hPaNorth 5.8km/h 10.1km/h73% 0.0mm/ – total04:30 12.5C 7.8C 1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 12.2km/h73% 0.0mm/ – total04:35 12.3C 7.6C 1013.8hPaNorth 12.2km/h 12.2km/h73% 0.0mm/ – total04:40 12.2C 7.7C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 10.1km/h74% 0.0mm/ – total04:45 12.1C 7.6C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 13.0km/h74% 0.0mm/ – total04:50 12.1C 7.8C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 13.0km/h75% 0.0mm/ – total04:55 12.0C 7.7C 1013.8hPaNorth 6.4km/h 13.0km/h75% 0.0mm/ – total05:00 12.0C 7.9C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 13.0km/h76% 0.0mm/ – total05:05 12.0C 8.1C 1013.8hPaNNW 9.3km/h 13.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ – total05:10 12.0C 8.1C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 13.0km/h77% 0.0mm/ – total05:15 11.9C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 13.0km/h78% 0.0mm/ – total05:20 11.9C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 13.0km/h78% 0.0mm/ – total05:25 11.9C 8.4C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 12.2km/h79% 0.0mm/ – total05:30 11.9C 8.4C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.8km/h 12.2km/h79% 0.0mm/ – total05:35 11.9C 8.4C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 12.2km/h79% 0.0mm/ – total05:40 11.9C 8.4C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 10.1km/h79% 0.0mm/ – total05:45 11.9C 8.4C 1013.8hPaNorth 11.6km/h 12.2km/h79% 0.0mm/ – total05:50 12.0C 8.5C 1013.8hPaNNE 9.3km/h 12.2km/h79% 0.0mm/ – total05:55 12.0C 8.5C 1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 12.2km/h79% 0.0mm/ – total06:00 12.0C 8.5C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 9.3km/h79% 0.0mm/ – total06:05 12.0C 8.3C 1013.8hPaNorth 6.4km/h 10.1km/h78% 0.0mm/ – total06:10 12.0C 8.3C 1013.8hPaCalm 10.1km/h78% 0.0mm/ – total06:15 11.9C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNNE 8.7km/h 10.1km/h78% 0.0mm/ – total06:20 11.9C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 10.1km/h78% 0.0mm/ – total06:25 11.9C 8.2C 1013.8hPaNorth 10.1km/h 10.8km/h78% 0.0mm/ – total06:30 12.2C 8.5C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 10.8km/h78% 0.0mm/ – total06:40 13.0C 9.3C 1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 8.7km/h78% 0.0mm/ – total06:45 13.4C 9.4C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 11.6km/h77% 0.0mm/ – total06:50 14.2C 10.4C 1013.8hPaNorth 9.3km/h 12.2km/h78% 0.0mm/ – total06:55 15.2C 10.8C 1013.8hPaCalm 12.2km/h75% 0.0mm/ – total07:00 15.9C 10.9C 1013.8hPaCalm 12.2km/h72% 0.0mm/ – total07:05 16.3C 10.6C 1013.8hPaNorth 8.7km/h 13.0km/h69% 0.0mm/ – total07:10 16.1C 9.3C 1013.8hPaNNE 6.4km/h 13.0km/h64% 0.0mm/ – total07:15 16.0C 8.9C 1013.8hPaEast 5.8km/h 13.0km/h63% 0.0mm/ – total07:20 16.4C 8.1C 1013.8hPaNE 10.8km/h 17.7km/h58% 0.0mm/ – total07:25 17.0C 7.6C 1013.8hPaEast 18.3km/h 20.6km/h54% 0.0mm/ – total07:30 17.5C 7.8C 1013.8hPaENE 10.1km/h 24.8km/h53% 0.0mm/ – total07:35 17.7C 7.7C 1013.8hPaESE 10.1km/h 24.8km/h52% 0.0mm/ – total07:40 18.0C 7.7C 1013.8hPaEast 17.7km/h 17.7km/h51% 0.0mm/ – total07:45 18.2C 7.3C 1013.8hPaENE 14.0km/h 21.2km/h49% 0.0mm/ – total07:50 18.4C 7.5C 1013.8hPaEast 24.1km/h 24.1km/h49% 0.0mm/ – total07:55 18.7C 7.5C 1013.8hPaEast 21.2km/h 24.8km/h48% 0.0mm/ – total08:00 18.9C 7.3C 1013.8hPaEast 21.2km/h 21.2km/h47% 0.0mm/ – total08:05 19.0C 7.4C 1013.8hPaEast 20.6km/h 24.1km/h47% 0.0mm/ – total08:10 19.1C 7.6C 1013.8hPaEast 21.2km/h 28.0km/h47% 0.0mm/ – total08:15 19.3C 7.7C 1013.8hPaEast 21.2km/h 28.0km/h47% 0.0mm/ – total08:20 19.5C 7.6C 1013.8hPaEast 14.0km/h 28.0km/h46% 0.0mm/ – total08:25 19.7C 7.8C 1013.8hPaEast 13.0km/h 24.8km/h46% 0.0mm/ – total08:30 19.9C 7.9C 1013.8hPaESE 25.6km/h 28.8km/h46% 0.0mm/ – total08:35 20.0C 8.1C 1013.8hPaESE 21.2km/h 28.8km/h46% 0.0mm/ – total08:40 20.2C 7.6C 1013.8hPaENE 15.4km/h 15.4km/h44% 0.0mm/ – total08:45 20.5C 7.8C 1013.8hPaEast 13.0km/h 28.0km/h44% 0.0mm/ – total08:50 20.6C 7.9C 1013.8hPaEast 20.6km/h 28.0km/h44% 0.0mm/ – total08:55 20.6C 7.2C 1013.8hPaEast 24.1km/h 28.0km/h42% 0.0mm/ – total09:00 20.9C 7.9C 1013.8hPaEast 24.1km/h 28.0km/h43% 0.0mm/ – total09:10 21.3C 7.9C 1013.8hPaEast 27.0km/h 30.2km/h42% 0.0mm/ – total09:15 21.6C 7.4C 1013.8hPaEast 26.2km/h 30.2km/h40% 0.0mm/ – total09:20 21.9C 6.9C 1013.8hPaENE 25.6km/h 25.6km/h38% 0.0mm/ – total09:25 22.1C 6.3C 1013.8hPaEast 28.0km/h 28.0km/h36% 0.0mm/ – total09:30 22.2C 6.4C 1013.8hPaEast 24.8km/h 33.1km/h36% 0.0mm/ – total09:35 22.3C 6.5C 1013.8hPaEast 22.7km/h 33.1km/h36% 0.0mm/ – total09:40 22.6C 6.8C 1013.8hPaEast 23.3km/h 33.1km/h36% 0.0mm/ – total09:45 22.9C 7.1C 1013.8hPaEast 24.8km/h 30.2km/h36% 0.0mm/ – total09:50 23.0C 6.7C 1013.8hPaEast 24.1km/h 30.2km/h35% 0.0mm/ – total09:55 22.9C 6.7C 1013.8hPaENE 17.7km/h 30.2km/h35% 0.0mm/ – total10:00 23.0C 6.3C 1012.8hPaEast 25.6km/h 30.2km/h34% 0.0mm/ – total10:05 23.3C 7.0C 1012.8hPaEast 24.8km/h 25.6km/h35% 0.0mm/ – total10:10 23.6C 6.8C 1012.8hPaESE 21.2km/h 31.7km/h34% 0.0mm/ – total10:15 23.8C 7.0C 1012.8hPaEast 24.8km/h 31.7km/h34% 0.0mm/ – total10:20 23.9C 6.7C 1012.8hPaEast 24.8km/h 28.8km/h33% 0.0mm/ – total10:25 23.9C 6.7C 1012.8hPaEast 28.8km/h 37.5km/h33% 0.0mm/ – total10:30 24.0C 6.8C 1012.8hPaEast 22.7km/h 37.5km/h33% 0.0mm/ – total10:35 24.3C 6.6C 1012.8hPaENE 27.4km/h 37.5km/h32% 0.0mm/ – total10:40 24.5C 7.2C 1012.8hPaEast 24.8km/h 37.5km/h33% 0.0mm/ – total10:45 24.6C 7.3C 1012.8hPaENE 20.6km/h 28.8km/h33% 0.0mm/ – total10:50 24.9C 7.6C 1012.8hPaEast 28.0km/h 31.7km/h33% 0.0mm/ – total10:55 25.2C 7.3C 1012.8hPaESE 19.8km/h 31.7km/h32% 0.0mm/ – total11:00 25.6C 7.7C 1012.8hPaEast 15.4km/h 31.7km/h32% 0.0mm/ – total11:10 26.1C 7.7C 1012.8hPaEast 19.1km/h 24.8km/h31% 0.0mm/ – total11:15 26.2C 7.8C 1012.8hPaEast 21.2km/h 24.8km/h31% 0.0mm/ – total11:20 26.7C 8.2C 1012.8hPaEast 24.1km/h 24.8km/h31% 0.0mm/ – total11:25 26.9C 8.3C 1012.8hPaENE 16.9km/h 28.8km/h31% 0.0mm/ – total11:30 26.9C 8.3C 1011.7hPaESE 21.2km/h 28.8km/h31% 0.0mm/ – total11:35 27.0C 7.9C 1011.7hPaENE 24.8km/h 28.8km/h30% 0.0mm/ – total11:40 27.3C 8.2C 1011.7hPaENE 20.6km/h 20.6km/h30% 0.0mm/ – total11:45 27.3C 8.2C 1011.7hPaEast 26.2km/h 28.0km/h30% 0.0mm/ – total11:50 27.5C 8.4C 1011.7hPaEast 17.7km/h 29.4km/h30% 0.0mm/ – total11:55 27.6C 8.5C 1011.7hPaEast 20.6km/h 29.4km/h30% 0.0mm/ – total12:00 27.9C 8.7C 1011.7hPaENE 20.6km/h 30.2km/h30% 0.0mm/ – total12:05 28.2C 8.5C 1011.7hPaENE 16.3km/h 26.2km/h29% 0.0mm/ – total12:10 28.4C 8.7C 1011.7hPaENE 14.0km/h 26.2km/h29% 0.0mm/ – total12:15 28.6C 8.8C 1011.7hPaEast 13.0km/h 26.2km/h29% 0.0mm/ – total12:20 28.9C 9.1C 1011.7hPaEast 17.7km/h 17.7km/h29% 0.0mm/ – total12:25 29.1C 9.3C 1011.7hPaEast 24.1km/h 24.1km/h29% 0.0mm/ – total12:30 29.6C 9.2C 1011.7hPaESE 16.3km/h 24.8km/h28% 0.0mm/ – total12:35 29.7C 9.3C 1011.7hPaEast 19.8km/h 24.8km/h28% 0.0mm/ – total12:40 30.0C 9.0C 1011.7hPaEast 19.8km/h 24.8km/h27% 0.0mm/ – total12:45 30.0C 8.4C 1011.7hPaEast 21.2km/h 21.2km/h26% 0.0mm/ – total12:50 30.3C 8.7C 1011.7hPaEast 21.2km/h 22.7km/h26% 0.0mm/ – total12:55 30.5C 8.8C 1011.7hPaESE 16.9km/h 22.7km/h26% 0.0mm/ – total13:00 30.8C 9.1C 1011.7hPaESE 16.3km/h 22.7km/h26% 0.0mm/ – total13:05 31.1C 8.8C 1011.7hPaESE 16.3km/h 16.3km/h25% 0.0mm/ – total13:10 31.4C 9.0C 1011.7hPaEast 13.0km/h 18.3km/h25% 0.0mm/ – total13:15 31.5C 9.1C 1011.7hPaESE 13.0km/h 20.6km/h25% 0.0mm/ – total13:20 31.7C 8.7C 1011.7hPaENE 13.0km/h 13.0km/h24% 0.0mm/ – total13:25 31.8C 8.8C 1011.7hPaEast 10.8km/h 16.9km/h24% 0.0mm/ – total13:30 32.1C 8.4C 1010.7hPaESE 14.0km/h 16.9km/h23% 0.0mm/ – total13:35 32.3C 8.6C 1010.7hPaESE 13.0km/h 16.9km/h23% 0.0mm/ – total13:40 32.3C 7.9C 1010.7hPaESE 12.2km/h 16.9km/h22% 0.0mm/ – total13:45 32.6C 8.2C 1010.7hPaENE 9.3km/h 14.0km/h22% 0.0mm/ – total13:55 32.8C 8.9C 1010.7hPaESE 13.0km/h 19.8km/h23% 0.0mm/ – total14:00 32.5C 8.7C 1010.7hPaESE 11.6km/h 11.6km/h23% 0.0mm/ – total14:05 32.5C 8.1C 1010.7hPaEast 9.3km/h 13.0km/h22% 0.0mm/ – total14:10 32.5C 8.1C 1010.7hPaENE 5.8km/h 14.0km/h22% 0.0mm/ – total14:15 32.3C 7.9C 1010.7hPaEast 10.8km/h 16.9km/h22% 0.0mm/ – total14:20 32.0C 7.7C 1010.7hPaCalm 16.9km/h22% 0.0mm/ – total14:25 31.8C 8.1C 1010.7hPaEast 8.7km/h 14.8km/h23% 0.0mm/ – total14:30 31.6C 7.9C 1010.7hPaESE 13.4km/h 14.8km/h23% 0.0mm/ – total14:35 31.5C 7.9C 1010.7hPaEast 9.3km/h 14.8km/h23% 0.0mm/ – total14:40 31.5C 7.9C 1010.7hPaESE 10.1km/h 10.1km/h23% 0.0mm/ – total14:45 31.4C 8.4C 1010.7hPaESE 8.7km/h 10.1km/h24% 0.0mm/ – total14:50 31.2C 8.3C 1010.7hPaCalm 10.1km/h24% 0.0mm/ – total14:55 31.2C 8.8C 1010.7hPaEast 7.2km/h 10.1km/h25% 0.0mm/ – total15:00 31.2C 8.8C 1010.7hPaEast 10.1km/h 13.0km/h25% 0.0mm/ – totalTimeTemp.Dew PointPressureWindWind SpeedWind GustHumidityRainfall Rate (Hourly)Clouds00:02 13.7C 9.1C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h74% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR00:10 13.5C 9.2C 1012.4hPaNorth 1.6km/h 25.7km/h75% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR00:15 13.4C 9.3C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR00:20 13.4C 9.5C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR00:25 13.3C 9.2C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR00:30 13.3C 9.2C 1012.1hPaNorth 1.6km/h 25.7km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR00:35 13.2C 9.1C 1012.1hPaNorth 3.2km/h 25.7km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR00:40 13.1C 9.0C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h76% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR00:50 12.8C 8.5C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h75% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR00:55 12.8C 8.8C 1012.4hPaNorth 3.2km/h 25.7km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR01:00 12.8C 9.1C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h78% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR01:05 12.8C 8.8C 1012.4hPaNNW 1.6km/h 25.7km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR01:10 12.8C 8.8C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR01:15 12.7C 8.7C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR01:21 12.7C 8.7C 1012.1hPaNNW 1.6km/h 25.7km/h77% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR01:30 12.7C 8.9C 1011.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h78% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR01:35 12.6C 8.9C 1011.7hPaNNW 4.8km/h 25.7km/h78% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR01:41 12.5C 8.9C 1011.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR01:50 12.4C 8.9C 1011.7hPaNNW 1.6km/h 25.7km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR01:55 12.4C 8.9C 1011.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR02:00 12.3C 8.8C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR02:05 12.2C 8.8C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h80% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR02:10 12.0C 8.7C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h80% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR02:16 12.0C 8.7C 1011.7hPaNNW 3.2km/h 25.7km/h80% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR02:26 12.2C 9.0C 1011.7hPaNNW 1.6km/h 25.7km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR02:35 12.2C 8.8C 1011.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h80% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR02:40 12.1C 9.1C 1011.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR02:46 12.1C 9.5C 1011.7hPaNNW 3.2km/h 25.7km/h84% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR02:55 12.1C 9.3C 1011.7hPaNNW 1.6km/h 25.7km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR03:00 12.0C 9.0C 1011.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR03:05 11.9C 9.0C 1011.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR03:10 11.8C 8.9C 1011.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR03:15 11.8C 8.9C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR03:20 11.7C 8.8C 1012.1hPaNNW 1.6km/h 25.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR03:25 11.6C 8.7C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR03:30 11.6C 8.8C 1012.1hPaNNW 1.6km/h 25.7km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR03:35 11.4C 8.5C 1012.1hPaNNW 1.6km/h 25.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR03:40 11.4C 8.4C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR03:46 11.2C 8.4C 1012.1hPaNNW 1.6km/h 25.7km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR03:55 11.1C 8.3C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR04:00 11.1C 8.3C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR04:05 11.1C 8.3C 1012.1hPaNNW 1.6km/h 25.7km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR04:10 11.1C 8.2C 1012.1hPaNNW 1.6km/h 25.7km/h82% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR04:15 11.1C 7.6C 1012.1hPaNNW 1.6km/h 25.7km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR04:21 10.9C 7.8C 1012.1hPaNNW 3.2km/h 25.7km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR04:26 10.9C 8.3C 1012.1hPaNorth 1.6km/h 25.7km/h84% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR04:36 10.9C 8.7C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR04:41 10.9C 8.7C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR04:50 10.9C 8.9C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR04:55 10.9C 8.9C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR05:05 10.9C 8.7C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR05:11 10.9C 8.4C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h85% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR05:20 10.9C 8.7C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR05:25 10.9C 8.7C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR05:30 10.8C 8.6C 1012.4hPaNorth 1.6km/h 25.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR05:35 10.7C 8.7C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR05:41 10.6C 8.6C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR05:46 10.6C 8.5C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR05:55 10.4C 8.2C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR06:00 10.4C 8.2C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR06:06 10.3C 8.1C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR06:15 10.2C 7.8C 1012.8hPaNorth 3.2km/h 25.7km/h85% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR06:20 10.1C 7.6C 1012.8hPaCalm 25.7km/h84% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR06:25 10.2C 7.8C 1012.8hPaNorth 1.6km/h 25.7km/h85% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR06:30 10.3C 7.9C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h85% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR06:36 10.4C 8.3C 1012.4hPaNorth 1.6km/h 25.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR06:45 10.6C 8.7C 1012.4hPaNorth 1.6km/h 25.7km/h88% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR06:51 10.6C 8.7C 1012.4hPaNorth 3.2km/h 25.7km/h88% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR06:56 10.7C 8.8C 1012.4hPaNorth 3.2km/h 25.7km/h88% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR07:05 10.9C 9.1C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h88% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR07:10 11.3C 9.2C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h87% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR07:16 11.6C 9.3C 1013.1hPaNorth 1.6km/h 25.7km/h86% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR07:26 12.3C 9.5C 1013.1hPaNorth 1.6km/h 25.7km/h83% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR07:35 12.8C 9.7C 1013.1hPaNorth 3.2km/h 25.7km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR07:40 13.1C 9.9C 1013.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR07:50 13.4C 10.3C 1012.8hPaNorth 1.6km/h 25.7km/h81% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR07:55 13.7C 10.1C 1012.8hPaNorth 3.2km/h 25.7km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR08:00 13.9C 10.3C 1012.8hPaCalm 25.7km/h79% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR08:06 14.2C 10.4C 1012.8hPaNorth 3.2km/h 25.7km/h78% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR08:16 15.1C 10.7C 1013.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h75% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR08:21 15.5C 10.5C 1013.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h72% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR08:30 17.3C 10.7C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h65% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR08:35 18.4C 9.8C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h57% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR08:40 19.2C 10.2C 1012.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h56% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR08:46 19.7C 9.6C 1012.1hPaCalm 25.7km/h52% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR08:55 20.8C 9.7C 1012.1hPaSouth 1.6km/h 25.7km/h49% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR09:00 20.9C 9.2C 1011.7hPaSSW 3.2km/h 25.7km/h47% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR09:06 21.3C 9.5C 1011.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h47% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR09:16 21.7C 8.9C 1011.7hPaWSW 8.0km/h 25.7km/h44% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR09:25 22.2C 9.1C 1011.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h43% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR09:30 22.4C 10.2C 1011.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h46% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR09:36 22.6C 9.1C 1011.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR09:46 22.9C 9.3C 1011.4hPaSouth 6.4km/h 25.7km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR09:55 23.3C 9.7C 1011.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h42% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR10:00 23.4C 9.1C 1011.4hPaWest 3.2km/h 25.7km/h40% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR10:06 23.4C 7.9C 1011.4hPaSouth 16.1km/h 25.7km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR10:16 23.8C 7.9C 1011.1hPaSouth 4.8km/h 25.7km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR10:21 24.1C 8.1C 1011.1hPaSSW 9.7km/h 25.7km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR10:30 24.3C 8.7C 1010.7hPaSouth 8.0km/h 25.7km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR10:35 24.6C 8.9C 1010.7hPaSSE 1.6km/h 25.7km/h37% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR10:40 24.5C 9.3C 1010.7hPaESE 4.8km/h 25.7km/h38% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR10:46 24.7C 8.2C 1010.7hPaSSW 9.7km/h 25.7km/h35% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR10:56 25.2C 9.1C 1010.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR11:05 25.6C 8.2C 1010.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h33% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR11:10 25.9C 8.4C 1010.7hPaSE 1.6km/h 25.7km/h33% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR11:16 25.9C 8.4C 1010.4hPaSE 1.6km/h 25.7km/h33% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR11:25 26.6C 10.3C 1010.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h36% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR11:30 26.6C 8.6C 1010.0hPaCalm 25.7km/h32% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR11:35 26.7C 8.2C 1010.0hPaSouth 4.8km/h 25.7km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR11:40 26.8C 8.8C 1010.0hPaCalm 25.7km/h32% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR11:46 27.1C 8.5C 1009.7hPaSouth 3.2km/h 25.7km/h31% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR11:55 27.7C 8.6C 1009.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h30% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR12:01 27.9C 7.7C 1009.0hPaSSE 1.6km/h 25.7km/h28% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR12:06 28.1C 7.9C 1009.0hPaSSE 3.2km/h 25.7km/h28% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR12:11 28.3C 8.6C 1009.0hPaSouth 8.0km/h 25.7km/h29% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR12:16 28.6C 8.3C 1009.0hPaCalm 25.7km/h28% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR12:25 28.9C 8.1C 1009.0hPaCalm 25.7km/h27% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR12:30 29.1C 8.7C 1009.0hPaSSW 8.0km/h 25.7km/h28% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR12:36 29.3C 7.8C 1009.0hPaCalm 25.7km/h26% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR12:41 29.4C 9.0C 1009.0hPaWSW 1.6km/h 25.7km/h28% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR12:50 30.1C 9.6C 1009.0hPaSSW 14.5km/h 25.7km/h28% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR12:56 30.3C 8.1C 1009.0hPaCalm 25.7km/h25% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR13:05 30.9C 9.2C 1008.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h26% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR13:11 30.7C 7.2C 1008.7hPaSSW 3.2km/h 25.7km/h23% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR13:20 31.1C 8.2C 1009.0hPaCalm 25.7km/h24% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR13:26 31.4C 8.4C 1009.0hPaSSW 6.4km/h 25.7km/h24% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR13:31 31.3C 7.7C 1008.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h23% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR13:36 31.3C 8.4C 1008.7hPaWSW 4.8km/h 25.7km/h24% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR13:41 31.7C 9.3C 1008.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h25% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR13:50 32.1C 10.2C 1008.4hPaCalm 25.7km/h26% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR13:56 32.3C 9.2C 1008.4hPaWSW 1.6km/h 25.7km/h24% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR14:01 32.5C 9.9C 1008.0hPaCalm 25.7km/h25% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR14:11 32.3C 9.2C 1008.0hPaCalm 25.7km/h24% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR14:20 32.5C 9.3C 1008.0hPaCalm 25.7km/h24% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR14:26 32.2C 11.4C 1008.0hPaWNW 3.2km/h 25.7km/h28% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR14:31 32.1C 9.0C 1007.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h24% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR14:36 32.1C 9.0C 1007.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h24% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR14:41 31.9C 8.9C 1007.7hPaWest 1.6km/h 25.7km/h24% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR14:51 31.7C 8.7C 1007.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h24% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLR15:00 31.4C 9.1C 1007.7hPaCalm 25.7km/h25% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm totalCLRTimeTemp.Heat IndexDew PointPressureWindWind SpeedWind GustHumidityRainfall Rate (Hourly)00:14 11.7C – 3.0C 1009.0hPaCalm -55%-/ 0.0mm total00:30 11.2C – 2.8C 1009.4hPaCalm -56%-/ 0.0mm total00:45 10.8C – 2.3C 1009.4hPaCalm -56%-/ 0.0mm total01:00 10.7C – 2.8C 1009.4hPaCalm -58%-/ 0.0mm total01:16 10.6C – 2.7C 1009.0hPaCalm -58%-/ 0.0mm total01:32 10.4C – 2.9C 1009.0hPaCalm -60%-/ 0.0mm total01:47 10.0C – 2.6C 1009.4hPaCalm -60%-/ 0.0mm total02:02 10.0C – 2.8C 1009.4hPaCalm -61%-/ 0.0mm total02:17 9.6C – 2.0C 1009.4hPaCalm -59%-/ 0.0mm total02:32 9.4C – 2.7C 1009.4hPaCalm -63%-/ 0.0mm total02:48 9.2C – 2.6C 1009.0hPaCalm -63%-/ 0.0mm total03:03 8.9C – 2.7C 1009.4hPaCalm -65%-/ 0.0mm total03:18 8.6C – 3.1C 1009.4hPaCalm -68%-/ 0.0mm total03:33 8.4C – 2.6C 1009.4hPaCalm -67%-/ 0.0mm total03:49 8.4C – 2.6C 1009.4hPaCalm -67%-/ 0.0mm total04:04 8.2C – 2.4C 1009.4hPaCalm -67%-/ 0.0mm total04:19 8.1C – 2.6C 1009.4hPaCalm -68%-/ 0.0mm total04:35 7.8C – 2.4C 1009.4hPaCalm -69%-/ 0.0mm total05:05 7.5C – 2.8C 1009.4hPaCalm -72%-/ 0.0mm total05:21 7.2C – 1.9C 1009.4hPaCalm -69%-/ 0.0mm total05:36 7.1C – 2.4C 1009.4hPaCalm -72%-/ 0.0mm total05:51 7.1C – 2.4C 1009.4hPaCalm -72%-/ 0.0mm total06:07 7.0C – 2.3C 1009.7hPaCalm -72%-/ 0.0mm total06:22 6.8C – 2.4C 1009.4hPaCalm -74%-/ 0.0mm total06:37 6.9C – 2.4C 1009.4hPaCalm -73%-/ 0.0mm total06:53 7.1C – 3.3C 1009.4hPaCalm -77%-/ 0.0mm total07:08 8.9C – 3.9C 1009.7hPaCalm -71%-/ 0.0mm total07:23 12.4C – 5.3C 1009.4hPaEast 2.7km/h -62%-/ 0.0mm total07:38 13.3C – 5.4C 1009.4hPaCalm -59%-/ 0.0mm total07:54 14.7C – 6.1C 1009.4hPaEast 3.5km/h -56%-/ 0.0mm total08:09 17.5C – 6.7C 1009.4hPaEast 4.3km/h -49%-/ 0.0mm total08:24 16.0C – 6.4C 1009.4hPaEast 4.3km/h -53%-/ 0.0mm total08:40 15.9C – 6.6C 1009.0hPaESE 4.3km/h -54%-/ 0.0mm total08:55 17.0C – 7.3C 1009.0hPaESE 3.5km/h -53%-/ 0.0mm total09:10 17.7C – 8.0C 1008.7hPaEast 4.3km/h -53%-/ 0.0mm total09:25 19.5C – 8.8C 1008.7hPaESE 4.3km/h -50%-/ 0.0mm total09:41 20.9C – 9.8C 1008.4hPaESE 3.5km/h -49%-/ 0.0mm total09:56 21.4C – 9.6C 1008.4hPaWNW 1.8km/h -47%-/ 0.0mm total10:11 23.4C – 9.7C 1007.7hPaESE 3.5km/h -42%-/ 0.0mm total10:26 23.8C – 10.1C 1008.0hPaWest 2.7km/h -42%-/ 0.0mm total10:42 24.4C – 10.6C 1007.7hPaESE 4.3km/h -42%-/ 0.0mm total10:57 25.2C – 10.7C 1007.7hPaENE 4.3km/h -40%-/ 0.0mm total11:12 26.1C – 11.4C 1006.7hPaESE 4.3km/h -40%-/ 0.0mm total11:27 26.8C – 10.8C 1006.7hPaEast 4.3km/h -37%-/ 0.0mm total11:43 27.7C – 11.3C 1006.0hPaCalm -36%-/ 0.0mm total11:58 28.5C – 11.6C 1006.0hPaEast 4.3km/h -35%-/ 0.0mm total12:14 29.0C – 11.1C 1006.0hPaNE 6.0km/h -33%-/ 0.0mm total12:29 29.8C 28.8C 11.8C 1006.0hPaCalm -33%-/ 0.0mm total12:44 30.6C – 11.1C 1006.0hPaEast 5.1km/h -30%-/ 0.0mm total12:59 31.5C 30.4C 12.3C 1006.0hPaCalm -31%-/ 0.0mm total13:14 32.1C – 10.7C 1005.3hPaESE 6.0km/h -27%-/ 0.0mm total13:30 32.9C – 10.8C 1005.6hPaEast 7.6km/h -26%-/ 0.0mm total13:45 32.7C 31.4C 11.8C 1004.6hPaWest 5.1km/h -28%-/ 0.0mm total14:00 33.3C – 10.6C 1005.0hPaESE 3.5km/h -25%-/ 0.0mm total14:16 33.8C – 11.0C 1005.0hPaNNE 2.7km/h -25%-/ 0.0mm total14:31 33.9C – 9.8C 1004.6hPaESE 4.3km/h -23%-/ 0.0mm total14:46 34.6C – 10.4C 1004.3hPaESE 8.5km/h -23%-/ 0.0mm total15:02 34.0C – 11.2C 1004.3hPaNE 3.5km/h -25%-/ 0.0mm totalTimeTemp.Dew PointPressureWindWind SpeedWind GustHumidityRainfall Rate (Hourly)00:02 16.4C 16.1C 1013.4hPaWest 6.4km/h 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:07 16.4C 16.1C 1013.4hPaWest 4.8km/h 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:12 16.4C 16.1C 1013.4hPaWSW 3.2km/h 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:17 16.4C 16.1C 1013.4hPaWSW 3.2km/h 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:22 16.4C 16.1C 1013.4hPaWNW 3.2km/h 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:27 16.4C 16.1C 1013.4hPaSW 1.6km/h 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:32 16.4C 16.1C 1013.4hPaWSW 3.2km/h 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:37 16.3C 16.0C 1013.4hPaWSW 3.2km/h 4.8km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:47 16.3C 16.0C 1013.4hPaSW 1.6km/h 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:52 16.2C 15.9C 1013.4hPaCalm 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total00:57 16.2C 15.9C 1013.4hPaWSW 1.6km/h 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:02 16.2C 15.9C 1013.4hPaCalm 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:07 16.1C 15.8C 1013.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:12 16.1C 15.8C 1013.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:17 16.1C 15.8C 1013.4hPaWest 1.6km/h 3.2km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:22 16.1C 15.8C 1013.4hPaCalm 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:27 16.1C 15.8C 1013.4hPaCalm 6.4km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:32 16.1C 15.8C 1013.4hPaCalm 4.8km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:37 16.1C 15.8C 1013.4hPaCalm 4.8km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:42 16.1C 15.8C 1013.4hPaCalm 4.8km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:47 16.0C 15.7C 1013.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:52 15.9C 15.6C 1013.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total01:57 15.9C 15.6C 1013.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:02 15.9C 15.6C 1013.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:07 15.9C 15.6C 1013.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:12 15.9C 15.6C 1013.4hPaSW 3.2km/h 3.2km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:17 15.9C 15.6C 1013.4hPaCalm 4.8km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:22 16.0C 15.7C 1013.4hPaCalm 4.8km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:27 15.9C 15.6C 1013.4hPaCalm 4.8km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:32 15.8C 15.5C 1013.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:37 15.8C 15.5C 1013.4hPaCalm 3.2km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:42 15.6C 15.3C 1013.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:47 15.6C 15.3C 1013.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:52 15.4C 15.1C 1013.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total02:57 15.4C 15.1C 1013.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:02 15.4C 15.1C 1013.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:07 15.5C 15.2C 1013.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:12 15.5C 15.2C 1013.4hPaSE 1.6km/h 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:17 15.6C 15.3C 1013.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:22 15.6C 15.3C 1013.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:27 15.6C 15.3C 1013.4hPaCalm 1.6km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:32 15.5C 15.2C 1013.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:37 15.3C 15.0C 1013.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:42 15.1C 14.8C 1013.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:47 15.0C 14.7C 1013.4hPaCalm 0.0km/h98% 0.0mm/ 0.0mm total03:52 14.9C 14.6C 101

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