Month: July 2014

Work Habits

By Steven Pressfield | 2 Comments

Today we talk about Jeff’s work habits. Eighteen-hour days, writing via Skype with his two partners, organizing the episodes of the web series using his own digitial version of the Foolscap Method. Jeff also takes me on a tour of his house and workspace. It’s like Van Gogh’s tiny room at Arles, only with graphics-power computers, music synthesizers, a micro-recording studio—and Jeff’s bed, tucked into the only leftover space like the pallet of a fourteenth-century monk. This is what “saving all the money and putting it up on the screen” is all about. (The transcript of today’s video is below.)

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Why, #4

By Steven Pressfield | 40 Comments

One of the outcomes that has always surprised the hell out of me about my own work is that, until I did it, I had no idea I was going to do it. Do you know what I mean? I wrote Book X and looked at it and said, “Where in the world did that come from?” Then I wrote Book X+1 and said the exact same thing. We discover who we are by the works we produce. Did you know who you were when you were twenty? But who-you-were was already there. And a compulsion was on you, even…

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On Filmmaking

By Steven Pressfield | 2 Comments

Today I talk with Jeff about the actual filmmaking—casting and shooting Jeff’s web series, Camp Abercorn. Jeff talks about his first day directing (“I’m a learn-by-doing kind of guy”) and how he and his partners are working up to a full-on eight-week $500K shoot. To me, this is what being an artist in 2014 is all about and I salute Jeff and his team for doing it, on their own, not waiting for permission from anybody, taking their dreams and making them happen. (The transcript of today’s video is below.)

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Acting “As If”

By Shawn Coyne | 10 Comments

I had dinner with a friend the other night who makes a fine living investing in Silicon Valley start-ups. It’s his passion to follow online innovation, so I threw out a hypothetical to him: “Say you had to set up a website/blog/online store today…how would you do it?” And then, as I often do, I started to answer the question myself before he got a chance to respond. I blabbed on about what the conventional wisdom is for creative blogger types whose value is in their authenticity and uniqueness. About how they’d need to invent something…a look and feel…that would…

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By Steven Pressfield | 4 Comments

“What is the intent of Camp Abercorn?” In today’s conversation, Jeff speaks from the heart about his painful separation for the Scouts after 16 years because of the organization’s prohibition of gay adult leaders. (You can be a gay Scout but not a gay Scoutmaster.) Jeff talks about how much he learned from scouting and his intentions for Camp Abercorn, the show, as a sort of alternative universe that can both show the world as it is and as it might be in a less restrictive and more open future. (The transcript of today’s video—#6 of eight—is below.)

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Why, #3

By Steven Pressfield | 41 Comments

In many ways this blog is me talking to myself. What makes the thing work, if indeed it does, is that there are a lot of people like me and they are dealing with the same issues I’m dealing with. So talking to myself in this public forum is, in its way, a meditation for those individuals as well. So I don’t ask myself, “What do I imagine others want to read in this space?” I ask, “What do I want? What issues are bothering me? What questions am I exploring?” Why write a book? Why make a movie? For…

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By Steven Pressfield | 1 Comment

“I’m a learn-by-doing kind of guy.” In today’s conversation, Jeff tells me how he plunged in to writing Camp Abercorn with his partners Matt and Meg. We talk about the theme of the series—“coming out,” in the sense of sexual identity but also in the larger sphere to self-discovery and self-actualization. Jeff talks about his 16-year-tenure in Scouting and the experience of camp, particularly when he was working there as a counselor, as a world apart from the everyday world, where the individual is forced to learn by doing, sink or swim. (The transcript for today’s video is below.)

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Why You Need to Know About Crowdfunding

By Callie Oettinger | 10 Comments

Want to wage a successful outreach campaign for the launch of your new book or album or film or restaurant or _________ (fill in the blank)? Mimic successful crowdfunding campaigns. While you might not be raising funds via Kickstarter or Indiegogo, you’ll need to employ the same steps as those driving crowdfunding campaigns on these sites.

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Crowdfunding Pt. 2

By Steven Pressfield | 2 Comments

The big question for any creative project, whether it’s a novel, a film, whatever: How do you get the word out? Today Jeff explains to me how Indiegogo works as a marketing platform as well as a crowdfunding platform, and how he and his team use YouTube to draw further attention. And Jeff starts to talk about scouting (he was a Boy Scout for sixteen years, an Eagle Scout) and how the experience helped shape his character—and planted the seed for the web series he’s now developing, Camp Abercorn. (The transcript for today’s video is below.)

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Why, #2

By Steven Pressfield | 24 Comments

We were talking last week about the purpose of this blog, both from my point of view in writing it and from the POV of those who read it. What are we doing here? What is this collective enterprise about? I cited a phrase from Pericles’ Funeral Oration in which he praised his fellow citizens of Athens, describing each as: … the rightful lord and owner of his own person. In other words, individual autonomy. Pericles was talking about the ideal of the citizen in the political sense, as opposed to less independent forms of individual identity—the slave, the subject,…

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