Month: June 2015

When Resistance Pays You a Compliment

By Steven Pressfield | 41 Comments

My friend Roda is on the cusp of finishing her second novel. We were having breakfast the other day and she was telling me she was absolutely overwhelmed by Resistance. “I know the dragon gets stronger the closer you are to the finish line … but wow, this is really more than I can handle. I’m stuck. The dark side is winning.” Here’s what I told Roda: “If you’re feeling that much Resistance, think of it as a compliment. Resistance is paying you a compliment.” Remember: the level of Resistance we feel at any point is directly related to the…

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The Lion’s Gate Book Giveaways After-Action Report

By Callie Oettinger | 19 Comments

Over the past month we’ve run a few giveaways. The following is some of what we’ve observed along the way. 200 Copy Giveaway June 3, Steve announced a 200 copy giveaway of The Lion’s Gate, just as the paperback edition was being released. The announcement ran at the top of his post “A Tale of Two Covers.” A link was included within the announcement, to a form readers could populate to submit their shipping information. First day: All 200 copies were claimed. Of those copies, 198 were sent out by the publisher within a week. One individual provided a bad…

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Files I Work With, #5

By Steven Pressfield | 12 Comments

I did some posts a few weeks ago about the five files I keep on my screen while I’m writing. I posted four but somehow spaced out doing the fifth. My apologies (and thanks to Peter Brockwell for reminding me). Here it is now: I call this fifth file CULLS. Have you ever seen an inspection station for tomatoes or potatoes? A conveyor belt shuttles the fresh-from-the-field produce past a line of human checkers (usually farm kids being paid eight bucks an hour.) The good taters and peaches sail past and get boxed up for market. The bad ones get…

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The Editorial Macro and Micro

By Shawn Coyne | 3 Comments

[Join to read more of Shawn’s Stuff] You’ve heard this story before. A group of concerned citizens from a small town in Eastern India travel far and wide to meet with Siddhartha Gautama, the supreme Capo di tutti capi Buddha of them all. The Buddha graciously grants them an audience. The spokesman for the group explains to the Buddha that in their town there is great dissension among the most learned among them about the nature of the soul.  They are wondering if he could enlighten them so as to settle the dispute.

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Truth, Truth, Truth, Fiction

By Steven Pressfield | 12 Comments

Almost any story, if it’s gonna have real power in the climax, needs a blockbuster bang or invention—something that nobody’s seen before or, if they have seen it, something they’ve never seen done in this unique way. Often this bang is contrived and pushes the bounds of believability. Can a sperm whale really ram and sink a whaling ship? Can Vin Diesel really leap a car out of one skyscraper, soar across 100 feet of empty space, and land safely inside another skyscraper? (And, by the way, is his name really Vin Diesel?)

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Avoid the Most Obvious

By Callie Oettinger | 10 Comments

About ten years ago I worked on a documentary that was screened at military bases and indie theaters in non-military base markets. The film followed a group of soldiers in Iraq and the thinking at the time was that the military market would come out in hordes to see it. Not the case. The film did best at two screenings held with a “progressive” think tank instead. A few people showed up at the military base locations, while standing-room only was the case in other locations. What happened? This was a film about soldiers, showing events soldiers had lived through.…

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A Tale of Two Covers

By Steven Pressfield | 22 Comments

[We and Penguin Books will be giving away 200 free copies of The Lion’s Gate paperback, ahead of a Google Hangout with me and August Cole, co-author of Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War and director of the Atlantic Council’s Art of Future Warfare project. On June 25 at 3pm ET we will discuss how creativity is literally a lifesaver when resources and time are short and the odds are stacked against you. Which, for writers, is most of the time. Enter your address using this sign-up link and we’ll send a copy your way. More details…

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