Month: February 2017

Grace Under Pressure

By Shawn Coyne | 23 Comments

I’m at the laundromat in Montana doing the midweek vacation clothes.  Will be back in the saddle next week.  Thought I’d run a personal favorite post of mine from back in the fall of 2015.  Why can some surgeons, poker players, mountaineers, fashion designers, athletes and even writers tune out the external noise—and the even more distracting internal chatter—and perform seemingly effortlessly under extraordinary pressure? While others with comparable training and technique, while capable and competent, just can’t approach the holy moly level of a transcendent master?

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Frank Sinatra Does Not Move Pianos

By Steven Pressfield | 20 Comments

  I’ve quoted Dan Sullivan before and I’m gonna do it again. Do you know him? He’s the founder and CEO of Strategic Coach and one of the great mentors to entrepreneurs in the world. So, in keeping with this series on the Professional Mindset, let me rip off a few more of his ideas for you. (Thanks, Dan!) Dan tells the story that when he was in the army stationed in Korea, one of his jobs was putting together shows for the troops. Frank Sinatra came over one time. Dan studied him carefully and, as he says,   One…

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Getting Past No

By Callie Oettinger | 24 Comments

(This post went up almost 3.5 years ago. Bringing it back for a rerun today.) I started this post Wednesday. Thursday I read this from Seth Godin: What “no” means I’m too busy I don’t trust you This isn’t on my list My boss won’t let me I’m afraid of moving this forward I’m not the person you think I am I don’t have the resources you think I do I’m not the kind of person that does things like this I don’t want to open the door to a long-term engagement Thinking about this will cause me to think…

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Your Resistance and Mine

By Steven Pressfield | 23 Comments

  This is the fourth post in our series called “The Professional Mindset.” Let’s pause here and flash back to what this stuff is all about. It’s about Resistance. We adopt the Professional Mindset for one reason only: to combat our own internal self-sabotage. The professional mindset is a weapon against Resistance, like AA is a weapon against alcoholism. Don’t laugh. The analogy is exact. Have you, the writer, ever woken up metaphorically face-down in the gutter at five in the morning with an empty bottle beside you? I have. Have you ever said to yourself, “I am powerless against…

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Love Story Cheat Sheet/Conventions

By Shawn Coyne | 6 Comments

At long last, we’ve come to the end of this romantic journey. I’ve been compiling a category-by-category cheat sheet for the must-haves of any working love story. To read the series from end to end, here are the previous five posts—1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. The final topic to cover is the conventions of love story. Conventions differ from obligatory scenes in that they are not formalized beginning, middle and end units of story. Instead they are the milieu of a particular content genre, distinct add-on elements that give the story context, which elicits an emotional response from the…

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You, Inc.

By Steven Pressfield | 17 Comments

[This is Post #3 in our new series, “The Professional Mindset.”]   I had a friend named Victoria when I was working in Hollywood. Victoria was a successful screenwriter, very much a role model for me. One day Victoria took me out to lunch and gave me some insight into how she handled herself as a professional in “this town.”   Steve, you and I are going up every day against Twentieth-Century Fox and Warner Bros. and Paramount. They’re our competition. We’ve got to be just as organized as they are, just as tough, and just as smart.   Victoria…

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The Creative Penn

By Callie Oettinger | 6 Comments

My last few posts have focused on the importance of growing your own platform (“Common Sense” and “Should Writers Be Paid For Everything?“). Now for an example, via Joanna Penn, a.k.a. The Creative Penn. If you visit Joanna’s site, you’ll learn something new. That’s a promise—and a personal experience. She’s always teaching and thus I’m always learning when I step into her world. She’s honest with her experiences, clear with her voice, and generous with her knowledge. The site itself is organized and deep (in both quantity and quality of content)—the product of YEARS of work. One of the things…

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Tk Ths Job n Shove It

By Steven Pressfield | 12 Comments

  [This is Post #2 in our new series, “The Professional Mindset.”]   When you and I were working on the line at Ford in Dearborn, we had to worry about our production quotas, our standards of workmanship, our supervisor’s evaluations of us. What we didn’t have to worry about was the structure of our day. That structure was imposed on us from outside. Then one day we quit. Suddenly we were artists. We were entrepreneurs. We thought it would be easy. We were free! Nothing could stop us! It turned out to be the hardest thing we’d ever done.…

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