"A masterpiece!"

—Jack Carr

 “A brilliant tour de force!”

—Ann Scott Tyson

“A master storyteller’s searing epic”

—Gen. Jim Mattis

“ … captures the ferocity and shock of battle … “

—Jocko Willink

“Pressfield’s best work.”

—Jim Gant

“An epic story … as inspiring as it is gripping.”

—Simon Sinek

“An enthralling epic from the master of historical fiction … “

—Gen. David Petraeus

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Coming March 2021

There’s only one recurring character in all my books—the solitary mercenary, Telamon of Arcadia. Telamon first appeared as an assassin in Tides of War circa 420 BCE. He came back as a mentor to Alexander in The Virtues of War, this time in 340 BCE. (Telamon hadn’t aged a day.) He even made a cameo in The Profession, set twenty years in our contemporary future.

You might say I’m fascinated by the guy.


For fourteen years I’ve been trying to find a story that would carry Telamon on to the next phase of his evolution as a fighting man and as a self-reflective thinker.

In A Man at Arms, Telamon’s journey—and my own, as a student and chronicler of the warrior archetype—continues in Roman-occupied Judea, twenty-five years after the

If you liked Gates of Fire and my other tales of war and honor in the ancient world, A Man at Arms will not disappoint.



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Purchase a single copy of A Man at Arms and receive an exclusive 60-minute audio discussion about the book between me and Jim Gant, ex-Special Forces Major, Silver Star recipient, and author of One Tribe at a Time.


Preorder ten copies and you’ll receive a signed page, suitable for framing, from the original manuscript of Gates of Fire. I found this draft from 1998 in my attic. It’s 800 pages long, (the final published book in hard cover is 384 pages) with the original title THERMOPYLAE still on the first page. I had to cut 100 pages, then 300 more before the manuscript was accepted for publication.


With a preorder of 25 books, you’ll get a 30-minute zoom call with me to talk about anything you like. (Alas, I cannot read your novel-in-progress). But anything else is fair game—The War or Art, Gates of Fire, anything.


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