The Knowledge

One the most difficult feats a writer can attempt to pull off is to tell his or her own story, as him- or herself, is his or her own voice.

I decided in 2015 to give it a try.

Shooting an industrial video for Transcon Truck Lines in Buckeye, Arizona, date unkown. The photographer is Christy Henspetter.

In the screenwriting trade there’s a concept called the All Is Lost moment. The All Is Lost moment comes about four-fifths of the way through the movie. It’s the moment when the hero is as far away from his or her goal as it’s possible to get.

The All Is Lost moment is followed, almost always, by the Epiphanal moment.

The hero achieves a breakthrough.

Often this is simply an achieving of clarity rather than any kind of triumph of victory.

I had an All Is Lost moment in New York in the 70s, when I was driving a cab and trying to figure out how to become a writer. The Knowledge is that story.

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The Knowledge

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