The War of Art

Friends used to come to me all the time and say, “I know I’ve got a book in me.”

So I would try to help them. We’d sit up till two in the morning with me explaining the concept of Resistance and psyching my friends up to overcome their self-doubt, their vanity, their fear, their self-sabotage. I did this on about ten different occasions.

Of course nobody ever wrote their book.

Oprah interviewing Steve on Super Soul Sunday.

No, I take that back. One person did, and it was a really good book that, alas, never found a publisher.

But back to those two-in-the-morning psych-fests.

Finally I got tired of them.

I said to myself, Steve, why don’t you just write this stuff out in book form. Then when somebody tells you that they know they can be a writer and they want your advice, you can just hand them the book and say, “Here, read this.”


The War of Art

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