Robert McKee's "StoryLogue": A New Resource for Writers

Full disclosure: Bob McKee and I are good friends (and his video interview with me is part of the package I’m about to tell you about.) So be aware please, the following does NOT pretend to be impartial or objective.

StoryLogue's Robert McKee

StoryLogue's Robert McKee

Who is McKee? Robert McKee is the preeminent teacher of screenwriting and story structure in the world. His four-day intensive seminars have played to packed auditoriums around the planet for twenty-five years. His book Story is gospel for thousands of writers, directors and producers. Did you see the movie Adaptation? Charlie Kaufman half-spoofed/half-lionized McKee by name and Brian Cox (who played McKee in the film) nailed his style and manner spectacularly. Myself, I’ve stolen concepts from Bob over and over and they’ve always worked. And he’s a pretty good golfer too.

So what is StoryLogue?

StoryLogue is a serious, full-participation, web-based Writers’ Program that McKee is launching tomorrow, January 30th. Click here––for the full monty on features, interviews, details, sign-up info.

Can Robert McKee help this writer?

Can Robert McKee help this writer?

StoryLogue is not free. It’s not for everybody. Its aim is to be an ongoing interactive seminar, a sort of “story university” for writers who want to take their craft to the next level. StoryLogue aims to tackle every aspect of writing–character, dialogue, structure, subtext, genre, you name it–and to provide its members with personal access to McKee, just like you’d get if you were attending a weekend intensive in person.

That’s my pitch. By no means am I impartial on this. I’m a believer and I’ll be using StoryLogue as a resource myself. Take a look. Click on the link. See if it might be right for you and your goals as a writer.


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  1. tony on January 29, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    I took STORY 6 months ago and found him to be incredibly enagaging throughout the whole session and close to the most miserable son of a bitch I’ve ever had the pleasure listening to.

  2. Ed on February 1, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    I’ve never taken the Story course nor read the book, but I did see the book stacked up in the UC Berkeley student bookstore textbook section just last week.

    Looks like at least one professor at Cal is a believer, and I’m sure the same goes for many professors at other universities across the country.

    I plan on picking up the book myself for some summer reading.